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Business cards are a kind of expression of your identity. It shows the personality of the company you are representing or you as person, if you don’t represent a company. The fonts used, layout,

the colours,the orientation and the print quality of the business card are all a kind of self-expression of one’s individuality,thinking and perspective.  Some of you might disagree, but its true!

Let’s examine. People those who like sleek fonts and a lot of clear white space are sort of creative nuts who are socially meek and those who is looking for their own space in the world. Those who use bold fonts and brighter colours are people who are stubborn and aggressive.  The business cards which are just normal, with centre alignment, logo on top and normal text are the normal class, who doesn’t care about the world around them and the ones who take the life as it comes. Some of the cards will have lot many logos, all crammed together, one may wonder they are competing each other. Those business cards, for sure, are of traders who will be representing one and all under the sun.

Did you think – “no.. the designer creates the card and it’s his/her creativity, nothing to do with me as a person”. Sorry, who is the one approved it? Who told to use Garamond instead of the designer’s choice of Helvetica? Who told the designer to change the Pantone 313 to Peacock Blue? And finally, why you settled upon a glossy paper, while the designer suggested a Matte finish! Because the business card the first level of exposure of “you” to the people out there, you want it to be the best!

Of all, some business cards really stand-out. There could be perfect blend when the creativity and personal preference meet together at its finer point. Those business cards are those people which always get noticed and evoke awe at the receiving end.

The most simple, easy to differentiate business cards are rounded corner business cards. They usually stand out of the crowd and are not so expensive to make.  Cards with metal foils, embossing or die-cuts will also help your business cards look ‘wow’.

DESCO has a variety of options for you when it comes to printing business cards. DESCO team can help you design, choose the right paper and suggest you the right method of printing. Contact us now to print your business card today!

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